Karen has had a varied career in both mineral and petroleum exploration, and as a consultant.

Her areas of expertise include structural geology/tectonics, integrated interpretation of geophysical and geoscience datasets, and strategic science leadership. Karen's key strengths are delivery of high-level outcomes, building collaborative and long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders, leading high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams, and project management.

As Managing Principal Consultant at Frogtech Geoscience, Karen planned, managed and delivered ~40 data and interpretation projects on basins around the world to petroleum exploration companies. These projects delivered detailed interpretation of basement geology (terranes, composition, and structural fabric), tectonic evolution of basins, stress analysis, fault kinematic maps for key events, paleogeography, depth and 3D geometry of the basement surface (Frogtech’s SEEBASE model), gravity modelling, crustal architecture and basement derived heat flow.

In earlier roles at St Ives and Norseman gold mines, Karen was the first to identify large-scale, E-W structures at St Ives, highlight their potential importance in gold deposit localisation and integrate them into a 3D model of the district. Further mapping and analysis after her departure confirmed and documented these structures in greater detail.

Karen produced the first digital models of gold distribution on the Main Field and Royal orebodies at Norseman and integrated them into a larger 3D model. Her analysis of optimal drill spacing for discovery of “nuggetty” gold deposits provided WMC with a cost-effective exploration plan. This model and analysis are still in use today.

Karen is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and the Geological Society of London, and a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.


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