a.    Erosion, Hydrology and Salinity on degraded lands and minespoils – 
Chief investigator on projects on: “Postmining Landscape Parameters for Erosion and Water Quality Control”. (ACARP projects 4011 and 1629, funded by ACARP and the mining industry at AUD $ 2.8 million) which involves 4 research groups and 15 minesites.

b.    Hydrology of soil capping on minespoils, and on land disposal systems; with particular interest into the sustainability of application of saline effluent using the Root Zone WSB model. – Chief investigator on ARC project: “Land disposal of highly saline industrial effluent” (2003-2005)

c.    Plant-water relations of crops and native trees and plants, for agricultural and mine rehabilitation (vegetation effect on soil capping)

d.    Soil Physics - Soil tillage, structural degradation and management, soil water, soil physical properties and their effect on root development and seedling establishment. Chief investigator on ACIAR funded project: ‘Management of clay soils in rainfed lowland rice based cropping system’(1992-96).

Project Work

a. Chief investigator of 21 completed projects at UQ with funding in excess of $ 7 million (1983 – 2006)

b. Completed 4 ACARP projects on Erosion on Minesites with one PhD graduate at UQ and two at Griffith Uni (as follow-up to Post Mining Erosion project at UQ). Erosion studies were also conducted at Kidston Goldmine as part of a larger project on the design and management of postmining landscape following opencut gold mining.

c. Completed one EU- China project, conducted at the Chinese Academy of Agric Sciences (as Visiting Professor), Beijing, funded by the EU (2009-2014).

d. Completed one ACIAR funded project in Australia, Indonesia and the Phillippines (1992-1995)


1961:  BAgrSc Agricultural Institute Bogor (IPB), Indonesia.

1964:  MAgrSc, Agricultural Institute Bogor (IPB), Indonesia.

1966:  MAgrSc, University of Kentucky, USA

1973:  PhD University of WA, Nedlands, WA 6009.

1973 - 1981:  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Soil Physics, University of New England, Armidale, NSW

1981 - 1983: Principle Soil Agronomist, Irrigation Research Institute, Tatura, Dept of Agric, Victoria

1983 - 2006: Assoc Prof in Soil Physics and Management, University of Queensland.

2006: (January) Retired

2006 - 2018: Honorary Assoc Professor – School of Land and Food Sciences, UniQld

2006 - present: Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Beijing, China

2006 -2013: Visiting Professor –CESR & School of Environmental Engineering, Griffith U.

2013 - present: Adjunct Professor, Environmental Futures Center, Griffith University

2019 - present: Adjunct Assoc Prof, CMLR, University of Queensland    


Bing has done extensive work with the agricultural industry in Australia (NSW, Victoria and Queensland) as well as internationally with the Australian Center for International Agric Research (ACIAR). I have also conducted many collaborative and consultancy with the Mining Industry (Queensland, NT and WA).


Bing has collaborated with the CSIRO, Depts of Agriculture in Australia and Universities abroad (China, UK, EU, Indonesia and Philippines).