Viability of mining through centralised desalination schemes

Tools for planning regional water supplies in mining regions (as a part of SMI's "Complex Ore Bodies" program)

With a case study of a proposed centralised desalination, pumping and storage scheme in the Atacama Region of Chile, it is proposed to produce tools that can permit analysis and visualisation of water supply options. My research focuses on identifying how this desalination plant could reduce risk and give opportunities to extend the viability of mining in the region by analyzing economic aspects and water demands. 


I am currently finishing my mining engineering degree at the University of Concepcion. During my career in 2016-2017 I worked as a teaching assistant and tutored in optimization methods. I participated in international and national geology and mining seminars focusing in geological domaining using data mining techniques. In 2018, I worked for the mining department at the University of Concepcion developing mentoring and workshop programs for undergraduate students. In 2017 after conducting an environmental volunteer program with the Chilean government, I saw the impacts that mining has and was a coordinator of this program for 2 years. I decided to pursue studies in sustainability mining, coming to SMI to complement my honour-thesis in the area of water resources in mining. Since 2013 I have worked for the University of Concepcion as an institutional monitor conducting motivational talks to high schools around the country and I collaborated with the global network IEEE WIE "Women in Engineering" as an exhibitor to promoting and inspiring girls to follow their academic interests in engineering and sciences careers.

I am collaborating with Professor Neil McIntyre and PhD Candidate; Gabriel Pérez in SMI Centre of Water in the Minerals Industry.


Professor Neil McIntyre & Liliana Pagliero