Biochar activated by phosphoric acid in immobilising lead and zinc in acidic and metallic drainage of sulfidic tailings and waste rocks

Ming's research interests including soil remediation, biochar and other environmental friendly sorbents, as well as sorption processes and mechanism. 

Ming's research currently focuses on 1) Biochar-metal complex for removal of organic contaminants from water; 2) Biochar application in wetland for N and P removal; 3) Treatment of soil washing effluents in Surfactant Enhanced Remediation (SER) process.  He has published over 30 SCI papers with total citation >1400 times (>50 times/article) and H-index of 13. 


Ming received his PhD degree from Zhejiang University, Department of Environmental Science, in 2009, and then moved to China Jiliang University (CJLU) as a permanent researcher. He was the visiting scientist of Kangwon National University in South Korea and incoming scholar of Erasmus Mundus Master Programme of Environmental Technology and Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. He is now associate professor of CJLU.


Professor Longbin Huang