Environmental Economics: Impacts of mining to water resources

Economically quantifying the water contamination damage due to the mining industry comparing the Chilean and the Australian cases

My investigation focuses on calculate the impacts of the mining industry to water resources, comparing the Chilean and Australian scenarios, to calculate the economic indicator "Green Gross Domestic Product".


I obtained Civil Metallurgical Engineer degree on the University of Concepcion in June, 2019, and currently I'm finalising my Master Thesis on Industrial Engineering. I have a CRHIAM (CONICYTFONDAP 15130015 PROJECT) master scholarship.


I supported on market studies to the CETTEM Industries Ltda. Regarded to small and medium Mining in Chile, and I worked in the project "Design and optimization of a ultrafloculator", on University of Concepcion. Actually I'm collaboring in CWiMi-SMI project regarded a optimization of the use of seawater in the Atacama Region, Chile


I was support student in the course "Workshop of companies" in 2018, and in the course "Water in Mining" in 2019, both of them in the University of Concepcion. 


Professor Neil McIntyre & Dr Liliana Pagliero