Robin's focus has been on the application of risk and valuation processes to the area of mining and sustainable development

Robin’s research work has focussed on the application of risk management and valuation processes to the area of sustainable development and the minerals industry, including projects on risk frameworks and the valuation of water. The ACARP-funded Sustainability Opportunity and Threat Analysis (SOTA) project was subsequently applied by several mining companies to a diverse range of issues. Robin has also undertaken projects on the social impacts of mine closure and the development of project-related sustainability indicators.

A mining engineer by training, Robin has worked at an open pit copper mine in Southern Peru, and spent several years working in the underground complex at Mount Isa in North-West Queensland. Subsequently, he spent ten years working for an explosives supplier as Technical Services Manager, a role which saw him visiting operations in most of the major mining regions of Australia. Robin has been based at the Sustainable Minerals Institute since 2002, working in both research and education roles. Robin holds a Master of Technology Management and Master of Engineering Science from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) from Imperial College, London.


Between 2011 and 2015 Robin was Deputy Director of the International Mining for Development Centre, leading SMI’s involvement in this joint venture activity with The University of Western Australia, funded by the Australian Government as part of the Aid Program. In this role he was responsible for the design and implementation of an integrated program of capacity-building activities, delivered in Australia and developing countries across Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

Key Publications

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