Mine Reclamation & Rehabilitation

Feasibility study of the mine reclamation of Biolantanidos open pit rare earth mine-Chile.

Francisca is working on evaluating the ability of turning a waste dump site of the mine to an ecologic park, using phytoremediation methods to improve the quality of soil.


I am currently developing my thesis to apply for a Bachelor`s degree in Mining Engineering at the University of Concepcion, Chile. I also have a diploma in managerial skills and leadership. During my period as a student at the University of Concepcion I was working for year in the position of assistant of connectivity with companies, where I had to organize presentations and workshops to motivate the students in their career.


I have done my professional practice at Los Bronces mine, Anglo American Chile, and I am doing my thesis in collaboration with Biolantanidos rare earth mine.


Associate Professor Mansour Edraki