Conrad holds a BEng and MSc in Chemical Engineering.

Dr Conrad Ndimande is an early career researcher whose primary interests are in comminution circuit modelling, optimisation and control.  His PhD work used computational modelling (two way coupled DEM and SPH) to investigate charge structure and energy utilisation in stirred mills, particularly the Stirred Media Detritor. Numerical techniques can be used with experimental or survey data to understand the operational behaviour of comminution unit operations. Together with experimental or survey data, better process models can be developed to enhance optimisation and control capabilities.


Divine S, Mainza A.N, Cleary, P.W, Ndimande, C.B, Sinnott, M, Stephen N. Review of DEM/SPH/CFD applications in stirred mills and a demonstration of particle and fluid flow from the SMD. ESCC

Ndimande, C.B, Mainza A.N, Lisso M, Ntsele C, Arlow L. Stirred media detritor performance assessment in the UG2 platinum ore regrind. IMPC 2016