Sadaqat specialises in multilateral cooperation on energy and sustainable development in conflict zones, with a particular focus on South Asia.

Sadaqat’s research experience broadly encompasses the areas of sustainable development, natural resource governance and conflict resolution.

At CSRM, he is involved in several research projects and is currently assisting with the development of a resettlement database for the Mining, Resettlement and Livelihoods Consortium. Sadaqat completed his PhD from CSRM in June 2017. His thesis explored the potential for multilateral cooperation on energy security in South Asia, and the impact of such cooperation on regional integration and peace-building.

In addition to his research experience in Australia, Sadaqat has worked in three South Asian countries - as a Senior Research Associate at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Dhaka, a Visiting Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi and a Visiting PhD Scholar at the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics, Kathmandu. In these three countries, he worked on research projects on water and energy security, counter-terrorism, literacy, economic development and social cohesion. Previously, Sadaqat worked in the finance industry in Melbourne and Sydney.

Notable projects include: 1) “Imagining Water: Understanding the Political Economies of South Asia's Rivers” in collaboration with Chatham House U.K.; 2) “Safety and Security in the South-east Border Area of Bangladesh” with Saferworld, U.K.; 3)“Towards developing a better Counter-Terrorism Regime in Bangladesh” funded by the Danish International Development Agency; 4) “Financial Literacy in Bangladesh” funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Sadaqat has undertaken fieldwork in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and has interviewed members of the persecuted Rohingya community in remote regions of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

He holds a Master of Security Studies from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Canberra.


Key Publications

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