Water resources management in mining regions and how this field can be enhanced by using remote sensing data, water economics and environmental data analysis.

Quantifying the value of water over project life cycles in a mining and agricultural region

Juan's PhD project analysed a mining region in central Chile and he expects to develop a hydro-economic modelling of the area, with the aim of using the model to analyse alternatives to reduce water conflicts between agriculture, mining and other users in the catchment. The project involves using remotely-sensed data and water-economics, as innovative tools to improve water management in the area.

Juan is a Colombian civil engineer focused on water resources management. He has research experience in Colombia, UK and Australia, in projects related to urban water supply, water drainage, water sensitive urban design, hydrological modelling, and water management in mining regions. He is currently finishing his PhD at SMI.


Juan has experience in infrastructure projects and water resources consulting.