Rhizosphere processes leading to nickel uptake by hyperaccumulator plants: shining light on the soil-root interface

The project aims to go beyond the current limited knowledge regarding the nickel soil to root transfer to go towards a better understanding of what is happening in the rhizosphere.

Adrian graduated with a MSc in pollution management from the Lille Catholic University in 2016. He started a PhD in April 2017 at the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation under the supervision of Associate Professor Peter Erskine & Dr Antony van der Ent.

Key Publications

Paul ADLP and Chaney RL (2017). Effect of Soil Amendments on Cd accumulation by Spinach from a Cd-Mineralized Soil. Journal of Environmental Quality. Accepted


Australian Government Research Training Program obtained in 2016


Associate Professor Peter Erskine & Dr Antony van der Ent