Diego specialises in Cave Mining Ore Handling Systems, Discrete Event Simulation and Project Appraisal.

Diego leads research related to block and panel caving. In the last two years, he has been focused on the creation of An Integrated Methodology for the Desing and Assessment of Cave Mining Ore Handling Systems with the sponsorship of Newcrest Mining Limited, using the Cadia East Mine as a case study. His research has significantly contributed to linking the practices of industry and academia, combining discrete event simulations, restructured principles of materials handling and improved economic valuation models. Diego's research and methodology is proven to work on the design and selection of modern materials handling systems, from batch to semi-continuous production concepts. Currently, his work is being used as part of a Pre-Feasibility Study within the industry.

As a graduate, his experience in the industry is a mix of research and operational practice on large-scale hard rock copper and gold assets, with companies such as BHP (Escondida), Codelco (El Teniente) and more recently Newcrest (Cadia Valley Operations). He graduated from Universidad de Santiago de Chile in 2015 as Ingeniero Civil de Minas (equivalent to a BE Mining Hons), with a thesis in mine planning and geomechanics of panel caving. Afterwards, he was awarded a Newcrest scholarship to join the WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre (BRC) as Research Scholar and fulfil a Master of Philosophy in Mining Engineering. Since his thesis submission, Diego has been doing work for Newcrest, as part of the Cadia Valley Operations PFS Team. 

Industry Engagement

Diego's work has been strongly connected with the mining industry. His applied research is the result of a collaborative work with people from Newcrest and Codelco, as well as Australian mining consultants and equipment providers.

Key Publications

Value engineering of a panel cave mining strategy under geotechnical constraints – a hypothetical case study. Copper 2016, 13 to 16 November, Kobe, Japan.

Economic assessment of the mining sequence in panel caving under geotechnical constraints – a case study. Massmin 2016, 9 to 11 May, Sydney, Australia.

Full list of publications available on espace