(Bio-)technologies for mine remediation and betterment of post-mine land uses

My research interests relate to geochemistry, mineralogy, and environmental microbiology; in particular, the bacteria-mineral and root-mineral interactions that drive biogeochemical cycles. While my previous research dealt with the behaviour of organic pollutants at soil-solution interfaces and their availability for plant uptake, I’ve since expanded my investigations to the field of land rehabilitation and mine waste. A significant part of my research has been dedicated to the investigation of microbial and plant-related iron cycling, targeting accelerated bioremediation of iron mines. I believe that further research into biomineralization and biogenic mineral weathering processes could bring about the development of novel techniques designed to improve environmental sustainability.

My current projects include: 
(1) examination of application of fly ash for rehabilitation of coal mines; 
(2) exploration of alternative, beneficial post-mining land uses; 
(3) systematic review of mine water quality and regulations; 
(4) characterisation of organic compounds in lateritic bauxite