Ziming Ye's research focuses on Dynamic simulation, HPGR, SAG mill, Comminution.

Ziming's project is the dynamic simulation of hybrid comminution circuits. Comminution is a process of progressively reducing the particle size of rock material. Comminution is a continuous process which means equipment is subjected to variations and changes over time. These variations can be caused by natural variation, unmatched, inappropriate or degrading equipment performance, stochastic events and more which are common in daily operations. So it can be seen clearly that a dynamic simulation technique is necessary to model the real dynamic behavior of circuits.

The purpose of the project is that he hopes he can design a platform for a dynamic model of a hybrid comminution circuit which can simulate different operation scenarios and evaluate different control strategies. Then I can use it to predict the dynamic performance of a comminution plant.

Ziming's major in Bachelor of degree is mineral processing engineering. He finished my Bachelor from the China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). His project was focus on dehydration of lignite and coal water slurry. I experienced few month internship in a mineral processing factory in China and I visited many mineral processing factories in my country. 

Ziming is very eager to learn more in mineral processing filed. To be elite in Mineral processing engineering is my long term goal. He wishes to get precious experience in my research. He hopes he can strengthen the links and cooperation between China and Australia in mineral processing field in the future.