Ceit is a versatile, qualitative social scientist with a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) from the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at the University of Queensland (Australia). Her research interests include: (1) land use conflict and place transformation; (2) extractive industries, development and social-institutional change; (3) collaborative network arrangements and inclusive public institutions; (4) natural resource governance, transparency and the distribution of mineral wealth; and (5) sustainable urban and rural development.

Ceit’s doctorate studies in geography and social science involved qualitative research in Australia and the United States on the role of the private oil and gas sector in collaborative governance and how their involvement affects the local provision of public goods - in this case, the governance of affordable housing provision in regional communities. Ceit is particularly interested in how extractive resource companies, as private actors, balance social and commercial drivers and responsibilities.

She has particular expertise in qualitative research design and methods, including comparative case analysis, interviewing, document review, participant observation and focus groups.

Prior to the completion of her PhD, Ceit worked as a town planner both during and following the completion of her Bachelor Degree in Regional and Town Planning (BRTP). In this position, she provided planning and technical assistance for projects related to development permitting, statutory planning, environmental approvals, site selection processes, and strategic and regional planning. She developed particular expertise in the approvals and regulatory system governing oil and gas, mining and power infrastructure projects, and was involved in the development of several social impact management plans for major mine projects in Australia.

Key Publications

Wilson, C.E., T.H. Morrison, and J.-A Everingham. 2017. “Linking the ‘Meta-governance’ Imperative to Regional Governance in Resource Communities.” Journal of Rural Studies 50(In progress), 188–197.

Wilson, C.E., T.H. Morrison, J.-A Everingham, and J. McCarthy. 2016. “Steering Social Outcomes in America’s Energy Heartland: State and Private Meta-Governance in the Marcellus Shale, Pennsylvania.” The American Review of Public Administration 0(0), 1-21. First Published 27 Jul 2016, DOI: 10.1177/0275074016654012

Morrison, T.H., C.E. Wilson, and M. Bell. 2012. “The Role of Private Corporations in Regional Planning and Development: Opportunities and Challenges for the Governance of Housing and Land Use.” Journal of Rural Studies 28(4), 1-12.


Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG) Research and Travel Grant, Value: AU $10,000, CCSG, March 2014 – August 2016.

Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) International Travel Award Grant, Value: AU $3,000, SMI, March 2014.

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), Value: AU $86,285.5, Australian Federal Government, Feb 2013 – August 2016.

University of Queensland Top Up Scholarship, Value: AU $17,500, University of Queensland, Feb 2013 – Aug 2016.