Dr Mark Hinman specialises in the resolution of complex structural-tectonic controls on mineralisation, elucidation of their impact on the geotechnical and mining engineering aspects of resource extraction; and resource targeting at all scales from mine to continental in a broad range of base, precious and energy commodities.

Mark spent 2015-2017 working with the BRC applying his skills in the Deep Mining Queensland (DMQ) Project which focused on delivering a robust 4D Prospectivity Analysis of the southern Cloncurry Belt, Mt Isa, which specifically aimed at enhancing prospectivity and reducing the risk of deep exploration for Cu-Au-Mo deposits in the belt. Mark made very significant contributions to a comprehensive review of global Iron-Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) provinces and deposits; a re-interpretation and re-evaluation of the 2D Solid Geology of the southern Cloncurry province; the development of an innovative 3D geological model of the belt that incorporated a radically new gravity inversion model of subsurface intrusives whose geometries have a direct relationship with Cu-Au-Mo mineralisation; detailed analyses of tectono-stratigraphic controls on processes of formation, and localisation of significant deposits within the belt; and development of the final 4D Prospectivity Analysis Model delivered to the exploration and mining community.

Mark has over 20 years international mine, advanced stage and exploration experience in sediment-hosted base metals (Pb-Zn-Ag, Cu), porphyry-epithermal (Cu-Au, Ag), IOCG (Cu-Au, Mo-Re), mesothermal Au, and energy (U, coal, UCG). Mark is a skilled and practiced GIS integrator and targeting analyst of geological, remote-sensed and geophysical data. He has particular and diverse geology problem solving skills; in particular in the collection and analysis of drillcore structural data using a Structural Manipulation SpreadSheet (Hinman, 1993) that allows the rapid and accurate generation of structural data from variably well oriented drillcore.

Mark has a PhD from JCUNQ where he resolved the pre-mining, structural and geochemical controls on the Peak base and precious metal deposit at Cobar, NSW, and he completed a postdoc, supported by AGSO and MIM, focused on the structural setting, timing and controls on Zn-Pb-Ag ore at HYC McArthur River, NT.


Mark has contributed to resource discovery, extension and both pre-feasibility and feasibility technical appraisals in roles as Principal Geologist, Chief Geologist and consultant with many major and mid-tier mining and exploration companies (including  MMG, Newcrest, Dundee Precious Metals, ERA-RIO,  Alligator Energy, Chinova-Ivanhoe, Evolution, Oceana, MRM-Xtrata, Blackwood Corp, Pasminco, Anglo American, North Limited, Noranda Pacific and QDME).