The Safety and Health Diagnostics Research Program

The Safety and Health Diagnostics Research Program aims to provide the minerals sector with evidence-based guidance to improve the collection of targeted information and its use in predicting and preventing incidents.The University of Queensland’s Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre and the School of Psychology are jointly developing the Research Program.

The broad aims of the Safety and Health Diagnostics Research Program are:

  • To develop, trial, and disseminate a methodology that would enable companies to isolate the barriers to safety improvement at a particular site or business unit
  • To identify the interventions that would have the greatest positive impact on safety and health outcomes in each case
  • To provide companies with the methodology that would augment existing sources of information such as audits and assurance activities
  • To provide companies with guidance on transitioning from information sharing to genuine organizational learning, with a substantial reduction in the occurrence of repeat incidents
  • To develop, trial and disseminate indicators which can be used predictively and that measure non-technical aspects of safety and health performance including: safety leadership, organisational safety culture, and organisational wellness 



Program Team

Brett Garland
Prof Robin Burgess-Limerick
Prof David Cliff
Prof Alex Haslam
Prof Mark Horswill
Prof Jolanda Jetten
Prof Andrew Neal
Dr Niklas Steffens
Dr Andrew Hill
Dr Kirsten Way
Susan Johnston

Program Keywords

Safety, health, diagnostics, information, leadership, culture, indicators