Social Performance in the Resources Sector

2020 calendar of intensive workshops and masterclasses covering critical aspects of social performance in the resources sector.

Developed in response to demand for more modular, intensive workshops and flexible online options, our courses offer those working in the mining and social performance field the opportunity to learn alongside peers in the sector and to hear from experts in the field.

Developed by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM), the ‘Fundamentals of Social Performance’ series consists of three core modules, scheduled to take place at the University in March, June and September. The three modules comprise the Foundations of Social Performance, Working with Communities, and Understanding Social Impact, with each being delivered over four days.

In addition to this, CSRM is offering a number of masterclasses led by expert researchers and practitioners. Covering topics such as Resettlement, Cultural Heritage Management, and Mining and the SDG’s, the masterclasses are an opportunity for participants to explore topics in more detail through applied case studies and international research.

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24 -27 March 2020: Social Performance Fundamentals Module 1 - Foundation of Social Performance

Facilitators: Jo-Anne Everingham (lead), Pam Bourke, Sarah Mackenzie

Days: 4

This foundation course will introduce Social Performance within the changing global context of mining and sustainable development. It will cover the importance of integrating a community focus into management of resource projects, introduce key concepts and cross-cutting issues, and address the application of management systems in the social performance domain.

29 & 30 April 2020: Masterclass - Social Impact Assessment

Facilitators: Anthony Kung (lead), Nick Bainton, John Owen

Days: 2

Designed for those involved in undertaking Social Impact Assessments for resource projects, this specialised Masterclass will provide participants with the latest knowledge in this area. It will cover the development of SIA methodologies and likely future trajectories, including knowledge of current international standards and guidelines. There will be an emphasis on the logic of SIA and the importance of social science research methodologies, as well as a focus on the principles of stakeholder engagement in the process.

19 - 21 May 2020: Masterclass – Community Engagement at Exploration

Facilitators: Sarah Mackenzie (lead), Jo-Anne Everingham

Days: 3

This Masterclass will focus on the critical exploration phase, and aims to deepen conceptual understanding of the issues and potential impacts of exploration activities on local communities. It will provide participants with initial tools and skills to enhance social performance at this stage of the project lifecycle, and to build an accessible and useful knowledge base of social data.

2 - 5 June 2020: Social Performance Fundamentals Module 2 - Working with Communities

Facilitators: Pam Bourke (lead), Sarah Mackenzie

Days: 4

This workshop will cover frameworks and skills for community development, and address effective approaches to internal and external dialogue and engagement. It will also focus on building community and stakeholder partnerships, and sustainable community investment and program management.

22 & 23 July 2020: Masterclass – Cultural Heritage and mining

Facilitators: Sarah Holcombe (lead), Nick Bainton

Days: 2

This two day workshop focuses on the role that cultural heritage management (CHM) plays in the extractive industries. It will address the foundational processes, practices and requirements for ensuring that cultural heritage is managed effectively and respectfully throughout the life of an operation. The workshop will draw upon a diverse range of Australian and international good practice approaches and practical examples.


18 & 19 August 2020: Masterclass - Agreements

Facilitators: Rodger Barnes (lead), Deanna Kemp, Julia Keenan

Days: 2

With a focus on the critical role of agreement-making processes with land-connected peoples, this Masterclass will draw heavily on experience and case studies from Australia and overseas. It will highlight the importance of establishing a knowledge base, demonstrating commitment, and resourcing implementation processes. Participants will learn about the practical elements of agreements at different stages of the operational lifecycle, and key agreement components, such as governance principles, grievance mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation.

14 - 17 September 2020: Social Performance Fundamentals Module 3 - Understanding Social Impact

Facilitators: Anthony Kung (lead), Jo-Anne Everingham, Sandy Worden

Days: 4

This workshop covers practical ways of understanding social risk and impact. It provides a way to navigate overlapping ideas of risk and impact, and explores a range of social domains, including human rights, resilience, vulnerability, indigenous peoples, gender, and justice. The need for data to support decision-making is emphasised. The workshop is intended for those who manage social impacts of mining operations, and who commission social impact assessments and other studies.

6 - 8 October 2020: Masterclass - Mining and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Facilitators: Kathryn Sturman (lead), Daniel Franks, Lynda Lawson

Days: 3

This Masterclass will explore the key concepts and global debates about mining and sustainable development. It will cover the role of critical minerals and metals in achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, with a particular focus on the practical requirements of linking resource project activities and impacts to specific SDG’s. It will include case studies from Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and will provide practical guidance for sustainability reporting in line with the SDG indicators.