The Sustainable Minerals Institute is committed to training the next generation of industry and community leaders. Alongside research and supervising HDR students, many of the academic staff at SMI teach into a number of undergraduate programs.


Process Mineralogy and Comminution course (MINE3219) - Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering).

Staff from the SMI have been providing specialist teaching into the Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering program for more than a decade. Since 2013 Dr Elaine Wightman has been the course coordinator and SMI has provided the entire teaching team.

In 2020 the team consists of : Dr Cathy Evans (BRC), Dr Kate Tungpalan (BRC), Pia Lois Morales (JKMRC); HDR candidates Rocio Vargas (BRC) and Bernard Agbenuvor (JKMRC), and professional staff Kellie Teale (JKMRC) and Tyson Cronin (SMI).

Cathy and Elaine contributed to the International Mineral Processing Conference Education Symposium (2016) from which the Mineral Processing Education Roadmap was published.

Elaine was admitted as a Fellow to the Higher Education Academy in 2019.

Since 2013:

  • 149 students have taken the course
  • 10+ research staff have engaged in teaching
  • 10+ HDR candidates have engaged in teaching activities

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