Credit: Maihueniopsis ovata (Pfeiff.) F. Ritter growing on abandoned tailing in Rio Hurtado, Ovalle, Coquimbo Region in Chile.

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The University of Queensland is convening a series of consultation workshops to develop a global tailings consortium and demonstrate its value to industry. It will support the Tailings Review by the ICMM, UNEP and the PRI and the Global Mineral Professionals Alliance tailings initiative.

A research consortium would bring together the world’s leading thinkers in tailings and mine waste management: researchers, practitioners, industry professionals, regulators, civil society and community representatives.

The vision of the Consortium is a multi-party collaborative initiative with substantial funding to build, share and network knowledge (science, technology and practices).

We will be holding a series of consultation and design workshops in coming months to discuss the concept. The first will be held in Santiago de Chile on the afternoon of Tuesday 9 July 2019 – to occur immediately prior to the Tailings 2019 Conference.

The management of mine and mineral processing wastes are one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Tailings arguably represent the most significant risk that the mining industry poses to the environment and communities globally

A global coordinated effort is necessary to meet the scale of the tailings challenge.

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First consultation workshop - Sanitago 9 July 2019

SMI-International Centre of Excellence in Chile,
Avenida Apoquindo 2929,
Piso 3,
Las Condes

2.30pm - 6.00pm