Congratulations to SMI's Graduating Students!

Congratulations to SMI's Graduating Students!

Thursday 15 December 2016 3:30pm

SMI celebrates the achievements of our nine research higher degree graduates who will have their award of degree officially recognised during the UQ December 2016 Graduation Ceremonies.

Please join us in congratulating our graduates, their family and friends at a lunch reception at SMI on Level 4 (Building 47A) from 3:30 pm on Thursday 15 December 2016.

Following the reception, SMI graduates and their guests will proceed to the UQ Centre (Building 27A) for the ceremony, which is scheduled to commence at 6:00 pm. Graduates and academic staff participating in the ceremony will be able to pick up and don their academic dress before attending the reception. It would make us proud to see our graduates in full regalia at SMI! 

Mr Pablo Gandaro Moreno, Master of Philosophy awarded on 18/11/2016, Cave establishment under high stress conditions using a conventional panel caving at Esmeralda South Mine (Under partial embargo, Advisors: Professor Gideon Chitombo and Mr Malcolm Bridges

Dr Christopher Gonzales, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 26/09/2016, (Thesis under full embargo), Advisors: Dr Thomas Baumgartl, Dr Mansour Edraki, Dr Alexander Scheuermann, Prof David Mulligan

Dr Md Maruf Hasan, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 29/07/2016, Process modelling of gravity induced stirred mills (Open access, Advisors: Dr Sam Palaniandy, Mr Marko Hilden, Prof Malcolm Powell

Dr Chao Li, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 18/11/2016, An investigation of flotation froth rheology (Open access, Advisors: Dr Kym Runge, Dr Frank Shi, Dr Saeed Farrokhpay

Dr Riza Mariano, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 18/11/2016, Measurement and modelling of the liberation and distribution of minerals in comminuted ores (Open access, Advisors: Dr Cathy Evans, Dr Robert Morrison, Prof Emmy Manlapig

Dr Jun Meng, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 07/10/2016, Measurement and Prediction of Turbulence in Flotation Cells (Under partial embargo, Advisors: Dr WEiguo Xie, Dr Kym Runge

Dr Raijeli Taga, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 21/10/2016, Development of in-vitro methods to predict bioavailability of arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc in mine wastes for human health risk assessment (Under partial embargo, Advisors: Dr Barry Noller, Prof Jack Ng, Prof Hugh Harris

Dr Kate Tungpalan, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 29/08/2016, Investigating textural drivers for separation performance in a variable and complex ore body (Under partial embargo, Advisors: Prof Emmy Manlapig, Dr Elaine Wightman, Dr Luke Keeney

Dr Greg Wilkie, Doctor of Philosophy awarded on 18/11/2016, Rapid assessment of the sorting potential of copper porphyry ores through modelling of textures and grade distributions (Open access,, Advisors: Prof Ben Adair, Dr Rob Morrison

For further information about the graduation ceremony, please visit the UQ Graduation Office.
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