SMI Reports

SMI Reports

SMI Annual Report 2015

The external environment in which we operate has undergone significant change in the past two years. The majority of our industry partners have gone through radical change in terms of structure, personnel and priorities.
As a highly engaged research institute, SMI recognises and is responding to these changes in our environment. SMI is responding through a change process we are calling Next SMI. 


SMI Strategic Plan 2010-2015

SMI’s mission is to be a world leader in providing knowledge-based solutions to the sustainability challenges of the global minerals industry.
SMI’s vision is to create the capability for the minerals industry to effectively transition to sustainability.


SMI Annual Report 2014

The staff and students of SMI and our myriad industry and government advisors have continued to show great support to SMI in a year of rapid change in the resource sector.


SMI Annual Report 2013

Many people in the mining industry will attest that 2013 was a
challenging year. SMI staff, students and collaborators rose
to these challenges by continuing to deliver valuable research
and education to the global minerals industry and to those
associated with it. This occurred by delivering on projects
previously planned and designed, by re-­‐directing some
activities towards changed priorities and by diversifying our
revenue and engagement to develop new relationships.
Also, in a number of cases, long-­‐term project development
initiatives came to fruition.

SMI Annual Report 2012

2012 was a dynamic, challenging and ultimately rewarding year
for the Sustainable Minerals Institute. 


For the first time since the Centre for Water in the Minerals
Industry was established in 2004, SMI developed a new research
Centre. The Centre for Coal Seam Gas, with a focus on water,
geophysics, petroleum engineering and social impact, has 

broadened the Institute’s focus to include unconventional energy
sources. There is an insatiable global appetite for energy so it is
imperative the Institute – and the University more broadly – develops its research capability in this area.

SMI Biennial Report 2010-2011

Over the past decade the Sustainable Minerals Institute has built an international reputation for producing quality research outcomes across a broad spectrum of disciplines. SMI has
capabilities across all facets of the life of mine, making the Institute’s breadth of research disciplines unique across the globe.