Process Mineralogy

Facilitators: Cathy EvansElaine Wightman
Cost: AUD $1,500 (excluding GST) industry participants; AUD $800 (excluding GST) academic participants
Delivery: Online, self-paced learning over a period of eight weeks
This course is available in Spanish and English

This fully online course is designed for mining industry professionals with no prior experience in process mineralogy (including metallurgists, mining engineers and operators). It will provide participants with a strong foundation that will allow them to extract maximum value from mineralogical data commonly used in diagnostics, troubleshooting and optimisation of mineral processing operations. The program provides a range of learning materials and activities that form the basis for skills development and application of these skills in practice as well as the opportunity to engage with their peers and the course facilitators within the online platform.


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Process Mineralogy Online (English)

25 July 2022 12:00am16 September 2022 12:00am

Process Mineralogy Online (Spanish)

5 April 2022 12:00am31 May 2022 12:00am

Process Mineralogy Online

19 July 2021 9:00am29 August 2021 5:00pm