Dr Cathy Evans specialises in understanding how ores respond in mineral processing circuits based on knowledge of how the minerals behave in breakage, liberation and separation processes.

Cathy’s current research is in her main area of interest - applying her knowledge of processes and ore mineralogy to develop practical methods for optimising mineral processing operations. Specifically Cathy’s research focuses on developing models of mineral liberation and separation to allow concentrator throughput, recovery and environmental impact to be optimised as an integrated system. 

Cathy is a metallurgist who brings over 30 years of experience in mineral processing to her research work at JKMRC. Since graduating in Mineral Technology from Imperial College, London, Cathy has worked as a metallurgist in a variety of roles at mines in South America and Australia. During her career at JKMRC Cathy has specialised in applying process mineralogy to solve industry problems, working as a consultant in JKTech’s MLA Group and as a mineral processing researcher at JKMRC. Cathy expanded her skill set by completing a PhD as part of the P843 geometallurgical modelling project before rejoining the AMIRA P9 mineral processing research project at JKMRC to lead the Mineral Characterisation research theme. Cathy is passionate about developing the next generation of mineral processing engineers and enjoys teaching applied mineralogy to undergraduate students and graduate engineers and supervising the PhD research programs of her postgraduate students.

Industry Engagement

Through her activities as a researcher in the AMIRA P9 project Cathy has been engaged in industry-focussed research for the major international mining companies throughout her career. Technology transfer has been an important aspect of her industry engagement and has seen Cathy provide training courses in process mineralogy to industry partners through face-to-face workshops and an interactive, online course.

Key Publications

Process Mineralogy - JKMRC Monograph No. 6, Becker, M., Wightman, E.M. and Evans, C.L. (editors), 2016. Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre.