About SMI

About SMI

About SMI

The Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland (UQ) is a world leading research institute dedicated to finding knowledge-based solutions to the sustainability challenges of the global minerals industry. 

Our purpose is to develop practical solutions to the challenges of operating sustainably in the resources sector.

We have a unique inter-disciplinary approach including expertise in engineering, science and the social sciences. 

Our expertise which comes from experience across the research, government and industry sectors is genuinely independent and objective.

Our work covers all facets of the life of mine from geology, to minerals extraction, water management issues, minerals processing, workplace health and safety, mine rehabilitation, energy and community engagement.

Our Work 

Our projects focus on strategies and practical processes for sustainability. We have a team focusing on technologies for reducing energy in the most energy consuming areas of mining; we have a team dedicated to minimising impacts of water extraction, use and release; a team for efficient blasting and approaches to ore sorting. Our work is leading to significant changes in mineral processing efficiency. 

Our community relations specialists have produced industry benchmarks and guidelines for productive relations with indigenous communities and local employment strategies amongst a host of applications. 

We have created global teaching and implementation materials for improved effectiveness in risk management and safety performance. We also continue to work with industry and government on improving land rehabilitation and mine closure standards. 

We work closely with JKTech Pty Ltd, our technology tranfser company. JKTech commercialises our research and delivers world-class solutions to the global minerals industry providing products, services and process improvement across the life of mine. Like SMI, JKTech is committed to a whole-of-mine approach ensuring more effective operations now, while planning for a more sustainable future.

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, and natural resource specialists. We have in-depth knowledge of the minerals industry, both at corporate and operational levels, built from years of practical experience and engagement.

Our Directors are knowledgeable industry leaders, and our team is skilled to provide strategic or specialist advice, develop policy, and deliver world-leading research, education and training.

Our position within The University of Queensland, and our ability to link research and practice across several disciplines, sets us apart and adds unique value to our work.

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