Our Leadership Team


Professor Neville Plint

Director - SMI

Professor David


Director of Environment Centres

Professor Deanna Kemp

Director - People Centres

Professor Alice Clark

Director - Production Centres

Melissa Glendenning

SMI Deputy Director - Operations


Through research and education, excellence in innovation and integration we enable companies, governments and communities in the resources sector to improve sustainability performance.


SMI’s Mission is to responsively apply our creativity and human capital to provide knowledge leadership to the productivity, safety, community and environmental challenges of the minerals sector.

Strategic Intent Statement

SMI’s Strategic Intent is to apply knowledge leadership enabling sustainability excellence in the minerals industry.


Our Centres

SMI's Centres are then grouped together to reflect their general research focus:

People Centres - Centre for Social ResponsibilityMinerals Industry Safety & Health Centre

Environment Centres - Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry

Production Centres - WH Bryan Mining & Geology Research Centre, Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre

Our Research Programs

People Centres

Community and Workplace Health and Safety Led by Professor David Cliff
Extractives and Communities Led by Professor Deanna Kemp
Development and Governance Led by Dr. Kathryn Sturman (Acting)

Environment Centres

Ecosystem Assessment, Restoration and Resilience  Led by Dr Peter Erskine
Ecological Engineering of Soil-Plant Systems  Led by Associate Professor Longbin Huang
Regional Water and Land Resources Led by Professor Neil McIntyre
Life Cycles of Mines and Metals  Led by Dr Glen Corder

Production Centres

Mass Underground Mining  Led by Professor Gideon Chitombo
Geology for Mining  Leader TBC
Next Gen Mine-to-Concentrator  Led by Professor Sarma Kanchibotla
Rock: Ore Processability  Led by Professor Malcolm Powell
Processing: Prediction of Process Performance  Leader TBC

SMI Hosts

Professor Andrew Garnett