Holly Cooke is a geologist with energetic curiosity about how geoscience can inform powerful perspectives around the discovery, recovery, and consumption of natural resources. 

After completing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide, Holly commenced her tailings characterisation honours project with MIWATCH and the University of Adelaide in early 2023 and is supported by Think & Act Differently, powered by OZ Minerals, where she works part time as a Geologist and Storyteller. Holly’s honours research focuses on the geochemistry and mineralogy of the Prominent Hill tailings to evaluate its critical mineral potential and inform options for recovery. Prominent Hill is an IOCG copper-gold mine owned and operated by OZ Minerals in South Australia. 

Holly is keenly interested in the sustainable resourcing of critical minerals amidst a global transition away from fossil fuel energy systems. She wants to help build a new philosophy of mining that holistically accounts for circularity and earth stewardship in its operations - this can start reimagining what we characterise as mineral resources. In this sense, mine waste presents an exciting research opportunity for Holly with the MIWATCH team. 

Holly is also highly engaged geoscience communicator and prioritises outreach that connects people to planet. She aims to illuminate humankind’s critical dependence on earth's natural resources to general audiences, and story tell how geoscience is indeed a blueprint for earth stewardship. From creating social media videos, designing workshops for high school students, and hosting student tours at the world class South Australian Drill Core Library - Holly feels that connecting audiences to the natural world, and to the depth of our dependence on it, is critical work of the earth science discipline.