SMI Strategic Programs

21st century society requires increasing supplies of metals and minerals to address population growth, energy, food and water security, poverty reduction and escalating inequity. 

Improved efficiency, re-use, and recycling will help, but those things alone will not meet the needs of society.

At the Sustainable Minerals Institute we are leveraging off the expertise in our research centres and across other areas of the University to deliver solutions to the sustainability challenges, and ensure the future supply of raw materials. Our SMI Strategic Programs focus on five of the big issues facing mining - unlocking complex orebodies, transforming the mine lifecycle, driving sustainability through governance and leadership, digital mining to improve processes but manage social risks, and creating the leaders of the future through transformational learning.

Extract of interview with Dr Anthony Hodge - Conversations about mining and society: SMI Director Profesor Neville Plint explains the SMI Strategic Programs  programs - view full interview here

Unlocking complex orebodies to help meet growing demand for raw materials
Transforming the mine life cycle to reduce residual risk and deliver sustainability
Governance & Leadership
Details coming soon
Creating leaders of the future through professional development