Equity and Diversity at SMI

SMI is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across all areas and levels of the institute and values the contributions that our staff and HDR students provide. To help address any imbalance in diversity and inclusion across the institute, SMI has established a Diversity and Inclusion committee, to develop and implement initiatives.

By practising the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion at SMI, we seek to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that allows ideas to flourish, people to be empowered and our community to grow.

The University of Queensland values the strength that diversity and inclusion bring to the University.

The diversity of our staff and student populations contributes to innovation and excellence in our research, teaching and learning endeavours, and marks UQ as an internationally leading institution. 

Further information regarding UQ's HR policy can be found here.

Committee Members

There are a number of programs and schemes available to assist researchers and HDR students to further their careers: