Flooding and abandoned mines

19 Mar 2012

Abandoned mines and the flood report

Corinne Unger explains to Kate Leahy from ABC Capricornia the recommendations for abandoned mines in the QLD flood report.

The commission of inquiry has handed down its findings into the flood disaster that gripped QLD early last year.

 Homes and businesses were inundated.. but so too were the many abandonned mines, which lead to water contamination.. Does the report offer a solution?

Corinne Unger is a senior research officer with the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation at the University of QLD.  She explains the recommendations in the report.

Read more: http://blogs.abc.net.au/queensland/2012/03/abandoned-mines-and-the-flood-report.html?site=capricornia&program=capricornia_mornings