Resourceful Solutions: SMIs latest impact piece to be showcased by UQ

13 October 2017

SMI's Deanna Kemp and John Owen work on resettlement is the latest impact peice to be showcased by the University of Queensland.

Global mobility due to displacement is on the rise – caused by political and armed conflict, rising sea levels, and natural disasters, among others – and leads to a myriad of issues for both displaced people and the communities they resettle within.

Mining-induced displacement and resettlement (MIDR) is one such cause, which affects the lives of millions of people around the world who reside near current mines or sites identified for future mining activity.

Unfortunately, the mining industry has not always handled MIDR well.

To address this, Associate Professor Owen and Professor Deanna Kemp, Director of the SMI–CSRM, oversaw the launch of the UQ–SMI Mining, Resettlement and Livelihoods: Research and Practice Consortium earlier this year.

The Consortium brings together researchers from UQ’s Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) with five of the world’s largest mining companies – Anglo American, MMG, Newcrest Mining Limited, Newmont and Rio Tinto – and allows industry representatives to look at resettlement issues in a collaborative manner.

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