Just Released: Human-Centred Design for Mining Equipment & Technology

21 February 2018

SMI-MISHC's Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick co-authored "Human-Centred Design for Mining Equipment & Technoloy" with Tim Horberry and Lisa J. Steiner.

This book introduces Human-Centered Design (HCD) and outlines the benefits of the approach for mining equipment and new technology. It is a process that aims to make equipment and systems more usable and acceptable by focusing on the end user, their tasks, their work environment, or use context. This process requires that users and other stakeholders are involved throughout the design and development process of the equipment or system. To date, HCD has not been widely applied to the design, development, and deployment of mining equipment or new technology.

  • Directly outlines the benefits of HCD for the minerals industry
  • Provides extensive case studies of HCD which also show failures when HCD was not considered
  • Presents a 'how to' educational guide to mining HCD
  • Covers new mining technology such as proximity detection systems and automation
  • Includes an introduction useful to anyone wanting to learn about the field


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