Congratulations to seven SMI students graduating at next week's ceremony

On 11 December, the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) will celebrate the long, hard and transformative research efforts of seven Higher Degree by Research students who have made it to the end of their PhD journey.

If you have not already, be sure to RSVP for SMI's pre-graduation function. The event is open to all SMI staff and students and will be held on Level 4, Sir James Foots Building at St Lucia from 4:00pm through to 5:30pm. An email containing the invite has been sent to University of Queensland emails associated with the Institute.

The students graduating, along with their advisors and thesis titles, are:

  • Dr Danellie Lynas, MISHC (advisors: Robin Burgess-Limerick, David Cliff)  thesis title: “Managing whole-body vibration at surface and underground coal mines”
  • Dr Elizabeth Hardy, CSRM (advisors: Jo-Anne Everingham, Mark Dodgson, Will Rifkin) thesis title: “Governing for research integrity: some theoretical and practical lessons from an industry-funded unconventional gas research centre in Australia”
  • Dr Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz, CSRM (advisors: Martha McIntyre, Deanna Kemp, Jon Anderson) thesis title: “Nasa responses to mining in post-conflict Colombia”
  • Dr Juan Ossa, CWiMI (advisors: Neil McIntyre, James Smart, Josue Medellin-Azuara) thesis title: “Integrated hydrological and economic modelling of a mining region”
  • Dr Vidiro Gei, CMLR (advisors: Peter Erskine, Antony Van der Ent, Guillaume Echevarria) thesis title: “Patterns of elemental accumulation at the phylogenetic and tissue levels in the ultramafic flora of New Caledonia (with a focus on Ni accumulation)”
  • Dr Amelia Hine, CMLR (advisors: Peter Erskine, Fred Fialho Teixeira, Virginia Lee) thesis title: “Beyond the Void: Tracing Situated Knowledges in Mining Landscapes of the Anthropocene”
  • Dr Maria Cristina (Tina) Vegafria, CMLR (advisors: Mansour Edraki, Barry Noller, Ross Kleinschmidt, David Mulligan) thesis title: “Geochemical Pathways of Contaminants through Weathering of Uranium Tailings”