Customised Corporate Risk Management

We help companies develop their management systems to effectively control risk and reduce organisational harm.

Harm to people, harm to the environment and loss of corporate reputation are among the many problems that companies who operate in threatening environments face.

We don’t claim to provide quick-fix solutions to complex problems. What we do is provide your company with the capability to implement mindful risk management strategies and processes.

We advocate risk management from the top down. It is our view that organisational harm is the result of poor decision making, including the failure to implement the necessary controls to avoid loss.

We offer executives, managers and professionals a proven set of principles and problem solving tools. Most importantly, we teach people to use these tools, as we know that a better education allows for better and more competent decision making.

What We Can Do

Whether you are a large corporation or a small company, we are able to work with you to help you manage risk within your organisation. We can:

  • Educate management and professionals, and give them the skills to manage risk and reduce organisational harm.
  • Provide ongoing support to assist management with implementing changes that are suited to the culture, goals and direction of your company

We offer a range of workshops to companies, and can also tailor workshops to specific requirements.

We are able to deliver the following university courses in workshop format: Minerals Industry Risk Management (MINE7033), Mine Occupational Health and Safety Management (MINE7041), Incident Investigation and Analysis (MINE7042).