Speaker: Dr Tuan Nguyen, UQ Amplify Fellow, The University of Queensland, Sustainable Minerals Institute / Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation

Abstract: The generation and accumulation of waste from mining-extracting activities for valuable minerals pose significant challenges in the mineral sector, calling for innovative and sustainable solutions. In this talk, we explore the necessity of adopting multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle key issues such as tailing dewatering and its sticky problems, upcycling mineral wastes through geopolymer applications and the implementation of bio-based materials (peptides) in mineral processes. Through these case studies and examples, the benefits of integrating knowledge from various fields including chemical / civil engineering, environmental science, and materials science, to address the technical, environmental, and socio-economic aspects of tailings and waste management are illustrated. This talk emphasizes the importance of breaking down disciplinary silos and fostering collaboration across domains to drive meaningful progress in tailings and waste management practices.

Bio: Dr Tuan Nguyen is an UQ Amplify Fellow at the Sustainable Minerals Institute with a background in Chemical Engineering. With over 15 years of research and teaching at UQ, he has been working in a diverse range of research projects, with a primary focus on advancing fundamental knowledge and developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for minerals / oil / gas processing, and environmental pollution management.
Tuan's current research is centered on Reprocessing / Redesigning Mineral Wastes for Good(s), which includes investigating non-conventional stabilisation / solidification technologies, carbon locking methods, and REE-biomining.

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