JKMRC Friday Seminar

delivered by Dr Rodolfo Espinosa-Gomez: Principal Consultant, Mineralis Consultants

Tailing filtration has become a very important topic for the mining industry worldwide due to recurrent disasters when using conventional wet tailing storage facilities (TSF). A solution for this problem is filtering the tailings and then dry stacking which offers many advantages over conventional wet thickened tailing storage facilities especially increased structural integrity of the TSF.

The presentation will review tailing filtration practices in Mexican gold and silver mines to discern the key reasons for selecting tailings filtration; the most common issues during commissioning; the main advantages of the tailing filtration implementation; the quantifiable reductions in gold and silver losses; and the actual lower detoxification cost.


Rodolfo has 40 years’ experience in the minerals industry in academic, technical and production roles. He is an expert in the development and optimization of mineral processing circuits treating precious metals and complex base metals. Rodolfo mentors young metallurgists by establishing sound standards for circuit evaluation and optimization, developing their analytical approach, implementing specialised training programs and, developing effective working cultures.


Indooroopilly Experimental Mine Site
40 Isles Road
Lecture Theatre