Speaker: Romke Kuyvenhoven, Productivity Lead at SMI-ICE-Chile
Abstract: Chile is the largest copper producing country in the world. The world’s biggest copper mine by reserve is located in Chile. However, the rise of other industries and economic activities over the last decade, has been diminishing the country´s economic dependence on mining and hence its relative importance in society. The increased utilisation by the mining industry of renewable energy sources and sea water, has been a much celebrated response to water scarcity and the demand for more sustainable production technologies. However, the increase of socioeconomic inequality with respect to other OCDE countries and a strikingly low R&D expenditure, could very well be jeopardising Chile´s attractiveness as mining country.

When looking at the future in Chile, we see that relevant drivers for the mining industry fall into the category of increased uncertainty and decreased control. These drivers include, but are not limited to professional education, sustainable innovation, and attraction of foreign investment. This webinar will focus on how the rules of the mining game are rapidly changing and which opportunities arise for the Sustainable Minerals Institute as a consequence of those changes.

Bio: Romke Kuyvenhoven is a Mining Engineer through the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. In 2018 she joined the SMI-ICE-Chile team as Productivity Lead and has since been in charge of research and consulting projects focussed on enhanced mine & plant productivity. Her main expertise is in geometallurgical characterisation, conceptual process design, innovative processing techniques and project evaluation. Prior to joining SMI-ICE-Chile, Romke worked with several companies in Chile, Peru, Brazil and South Africa, including SGS Minerals, Anglo American, Antofagasta Minerals and Minera Vizcachita.

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