How to Apply

Visit the UQ Graduate School Future Students website for the most current information on applying for admission and scholarships.

The best place to start is by learning about why research higher degree students choose UQ, our research degrees and entry requirementsscholarships, and the UQ Career Development Framework.

Future students can submit an application at any time. However, strict deadlines apply to those applicants who seek to be nominated for a UQ Scholarship, and consideration of UQ and SMI processing times must be given by students who are applying for external scholarships. See the section on 'Scholarships' below.

Applying is a three-step process

Search for a Supervisor (Principal Advisor)

At SMI, your potential advisor will contact us at the SMI Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Office if he or she is interested in supervising your research. We can then assist you with instructions on how to proceed  and address any specific questions or concerns you might have.

Meet our researchers

Complete the Online Application Form

Please carefully review the information provided before commencing the online application so that all required documents are prepared and ready to upload. In addition to the required application documentation, SMI requires that you also upload your proposed research project to the online application for our review and reference.

View the online application form View the required documentation

Wait for a Response to your Application

After you submit your online application, the UQ Graduate School will redirect the submission to us at the SMI HDR Office for our review and assessment of your application in consultation with your proposed principal advisor. SMI will make a decision on whether or not we are able to recommend your admission to the Dean of the Graduate School and keep you informed at all stages of the process.