Health & Safety

Coordinated by the Minerals Industry Safety & Health Centre (SMI-MISHC), who set the global benchmark for health and safety research and education in the mining sector, the Health and Safety field of specialisation offers students industry specific courses and industry recognised competencies. The courses cover a range of key Health and Safety topic areas including risk management, human centred design, occupational health and safety in mining, and incident investigation and analysis.

Since 2001, SMI-MISHC has been engaged in best practice teaching in risk management education at the postgraduate level. SMI-MISHC is unique in the university sector with courses tailored to the specific needs of the minerals industry. These technically comprehensive programs equip students with an understanding of the concepts and issues connected to minerals industry risk management and the skills to implement good practice in their operations. The use of current case studies enables students to explore practical mining industry outcomes that can be applied to their own work context, bringing together innovative research and industry knowledge to create safer and healthier working environments. 

Health & Safety Courses

Sustainable Development in the Resources Sector (MINE7053) This introductory core course is a requirement for all students undertaking the Graduate Certificate program. This couse is an introduction to how sustainable development (SD) relates to the minerals industry. This course covers SD history and theory, drivers to adopt SD principles in the minerals industry, industry response to SD, SD in varied operational settings, including small and mid-tier mining companies, assessment and measurement of SD initiatives at mine operations.

To complement the online nature of this course, there will be a compulsory five day intensive held at UQ’s St Lucia  campus in Brisbane during the first semester, dates to be advised during Week 1. Travel, accommodation costs, and arrangements are the responsibility of the student. A $200 catering fee will also be payable for the week.

Sustainable Management of Risk in Industry (MINE7032) covers the principles and application of risk management methods for industry to achieve its objectives and deliver overall system performance improvements across all facets of business from human, technical and commercial perspectives. 

Resources Sector Risk Management (MINE7033) builds upon the models, tools and systems for applied RM problem solving and decision-making frameworks for major industry hazards and their management. Students who achieve over 75% in ALL assessments will qualify for the equivalent to the RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System competency.

Sustainable Development in the Resources Sector – Tools and Integration (MINE7061) This course is a core course for all students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma program. Building on the foundation of ‘Sustainable Development in the Resources Sector’, this course introduces students to a range of tools and frameworks that can be used to inform sustainability thinking and practice. The course examines the connectivity and pathways that these tools provide across the range of SMI’s ‘disciplines’ and their integration into, and practical use, when applied to the sustainability challenges facing the global resources sector.

Mine Occupational Health & Safety Management (MINE7041) provides students with the ability to recognise generic mine occupational health and safety hazards and to understand the impact they may have on human health if they are not managed to certain standards. Students who achieve over 75% in ALL assessments qualify for the equivalent to RIIWHS601A Establish and Maintain the WHS Management System, and RIIWHS602D Incorporate Health and Hygiene Factors into Mine Management.

Incident Investigation and Analysis (MINE7042) is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and issues of an effective framework for incident investigation.

Human Centred Design in the Resources Industry (HUFA7502) will provide a detailed appreciation of the human element in complex work systems, such as mining, healthcare, or transport.