Human-Centred Design in the Resources Industry

Workshops designed to allow you to develop the skills to understand and manage ergonomic and human factor challenges within your area of the resources sector.

Human-Centred Design ( incorporating ergonomics ands human factors)  is focussed on improving human performance by integrating the abilities and limitations of people during the design of work, workplaces, equipment and tools. Achieving human-centred design during the design of equipment and technologies in the resources industry will improve productivity, safety and health for those who work in the industry and the surrounding communities. Hazardous manual tasks exist in almost every area of the workplace. Correctly understanding what is a hazardous manual task, and undertaking an effective risk assessment using up-to-date assessment tools and software provides the basis for determining potential effective control measure implementation. It also provides the framework for subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of the implemented measures to control unwanted human harm. Human-centred design requires the involvement of operators, maintainers and other stakeholders throughout the design, development and implementation of equipment or technology.

People: understanding of the characteristics, capabilities, limitations and experiences of people who operate, maintain, and support the facility

Work: Nature of the work involved

Work organisation: How the work is organised

Equipment: The design of the equipment and technology used

Environment: The work environment including climate, lighting, noise and exposure to health hazards

Workshops can be customised to match specific company needs in both content and duration of the workshop.

The aims of the workshops are for participants to gain:

  • an appreciation of the importance of human-centred design
  • an understanding of a range of human-centred design topics related to the design of resource industry work; and
  • experience in the use of selected human-centred design tools and techniques.

For further information contact: Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick,  Professor of Human Factors