JKMRC Alumni

Dr Walter Valery (JKMRC Alumni No. 130)

Global Director, Consulting and Technology, Hatch

"I am very proud and honoured to have studied at the JKMRC. Much more than an academic achievement, the PhD at the JK helped me to develop the professional and personal skills for a successful career in the Mining Industry.  This wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and never ending support from my supervisor and colleagues at the Centre.  It has also been a great pleasure to actively participate in the social life of the JK, where students and staff always provided a friendly and culturally rich environment to learn and work."

Dr Barun Gorain (JKMRC Alumni No. 126)

Senior M​anager, Mineral Processing, Strategic Technology Solutions Barrick Gold Corporation

“The JK Centre is truly a training ground for developing world-class mineral processing professionals rooted in fundamentals yet cognizant of the realities of how the industry works. The opportunities provided by the JK Centre have enriched my life with a fulfilling career and has allowed me to make key technical contributions and build wonderful friendships within the mining community worldwide.”

Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic (JKMRC Alumni No. 204)

Principal Process Engineer, Worley Parsons

“Being a student at the JK provided a supportive and stimulating environment for research towards a post graduate degree.  Knowledgeable supervisors with an industry focus together with supportive student culture provided a sound platform for an exciting and rewarding career in the mineral industry.” 


Dr Iain Scott (JKMRC Alumni No. 48)

Chief Operating Officer, Altona Mining Limited

“I can’t think of a better way to undertake relevant, applied research and gain valuable industrial experience at the same time. The JKMRC formula provided exactly that for me and stood me in good stead in a career that spanned both technical development and production management.”   


Dr Dewetia Latti (JKMRC Alumni No. 185)

Manager – Technology & Innovation, Rio Tinto

“I did my PhD part-time whilst working in the industry and the support of supervisors and colleagues throughout my time at the JK was exceptional.  A PhD presents academic challenge, but the JK provides much more - a learning environment that includes fundamental and practical application and a wealth of opportunities to interact with experts in minerals processing.  It was a privilege to have studied at the JK.”

Dr David Seaman (JKMRC Alumni No. 188)

Principal Metallurgist, Newcrest Mining Limited

“The research projects carried out by postgraduate students at the JK provide an excellent opportunity to create professional and social relationships with numerous industry leading professionals.  The multi-cultural diversity of the Centre ensures an exciting and fulfilling social experience as well as access to some of the leading researchers in the world.  I am truly proud to be a JK alumni and my experience gained at the Centre proved to be an excellent foundation for an exciting career in the minerals processing industry, where I often encounter fellow alumni within various organisations across the industry.

Dr Wally Xu (JKMRC Alumni No. 193)

President – Global Development, Joyque Group, Nanjing, P.R. China

“I had wonderful 8 years studying and working in JK, which is also the most important chapter of my life. Not only I finished my doctorate study which still looks quite incredible achievement even today, but I also gained invaluable working experience and attitude towards professionalism, as well as the great experience of social life and events participation. Even I'm one of very few graduates who are not working in mineral or related industry, my career foundation was solidly built in JK. I'm deeply proud of being a JK alumni.