5 May 2021: Workshop 1 - Project launch and scoping

Past workshop

14 July 2021: Workshop 2 - Stakeholder’s workshop

Team members will convene for a second half-day online workshop to introduce the concept of LC3 to key partners in the Pacific.

15 July 2021 – 15 August 2021:  Produce full draft of feasibility study plan

Team members to revise respective components of the draft feasibility study, based on outcomes of workshop 2, including sourcing funding.

31 August, 2021: Workshop 3 - Presentation of final feasibility study plan and strategy for Phase 2

Team members and partners will reconvene for the third and final half-day workshop to present the feasibility action plan and strategy for implementation in Phase 2 (Feasibility study)

28 January, 2022: Pending

Training workshop in Fiji on LC3