Due to current travel restrictions and physical distancing requirements, we are restructuring the course to enable online delivery of some modules. More information and course dates will be available soon.

Course Overview

Upon completing the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Mine water management: hydrology, water balance, water quality, groundwater, regulated structures.
  • Mineral residues: Life-of-Mine disposal strategy, geochemistry, geotechnical stability, monitoring and closure considerations.
  • Rehabilitation: planning, landform design and construction, ecosystem establishment, drainage and erosion, biodiversity and pest control, monitoring and performance indicators.
  • Closure: financial assurance, planning and assessment
  • Technical tools used in environmental assessment studies
  • Airborne contaminants, noise and vibration
  • Cultural heritage
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Waste management and the circular economy

Each component of the course includes discussion of relevant legislative requirements, theory and academic advancements, and application of new knowledge to complete a hands-on activity.

  • Acquire all skills related to technical and legal aspects of open cut and underground mine site environmental management
  • Improve the performance of your environmental team and establish greater collaboration within the mines
  • Expand your technical skills to future-proof your career in environmental management for the mining sector
  • Establish a network of peers for knowledge-sharing and support

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