New Consortium: Social Aspects of Mine Closure

The global mining industry has significant potential to contribute to sustainable development through the conversion of the earth’s natural resources into other forms of human and social capital. These opportunities are most pronounced during the production phase of operating mines. How mining companies approach mine closure, especially the social aspects of closure, is equally important for sustainable development. At present the knowledge base on the social aspects of mine closure remains shallow. There is great opportunity for social researchers to work across the stakeholder spectrum to better understand the opportunities and risks associated with mine closure, and the scale of the global challenge facing the industry by building aggregate data sets and knowledge repositories.

To address this gap, SMI-CSRM has developed a proposal for a multi-party Research Consortium on the social aspects of mine closure. The Consortium will enable the development of a knowledge base to support improved policy and practice for positive local and regional development legacies, with globally transferable outcomes.

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Mine Closure and Social Performance: Discussion Paper

This discussion paper is about the social aspects of mine closure.

We focus on a set of questions relating to transformations at the end of mine life, namely:

  • What happens when major mining projects come to the end of their economic life?
  • How are responsibilities for end of life planned and distributed among stakeholders?
  • What does industrial transformation mean, for different stakeholders, at closure?

This paper aims to generate constructive discussion about the social dimensions of mine closure. We do not offer direction, a series of checklists, or a “how-to” guide. Our intent is to prompt deeper thinking about the social dimensions of mine closure. We encourage the industry to use this document to initiate and facilitate conversations about its own future, and the future of the communities in which it operates.

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Social Aspects of Mine Closure Prospectus

Download the prospectus for the Research Consortium here.

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