Can I study the Graduate Certificate program in one year?

The Graduate Certificate in Responsible Resource Development can be completed in one year by taking two courses (for a total of 4 credit points) in each semester. Each field within the program has been designed to offer two distinct courses each semester for students wishing to complete their degree in a shorter period. The maximum number of courses each semester that can be taken in this program is two as this program is only offered in part-time mode.

How do I enrol?

Applications are submitted online. 

For domestic students, application information can be found on the UQ Future Students page.

For International Students, application information can be found on the UQ International Future Students page.  

What are the program codes for my application?

Graduate Certificate 5621
Graduate Diploma 5622
Master 5623

When are the enrolment cut off dates?

Semester of Commencement Domestic International
Semester 1 January 31 November 30 of previous year
Semester 2 June 30 May 31

What are the entry requirements?

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field; or
  • Post-secondary study and two years full-time (or equivalent) work experience as approved by the Executive Dean.
  • Industry experience is highly recommended.
  • All students must meet UQ’s English Language Proficiency requirements. More information can be found on the UQ Future Students page. 

How much does it cost?

Program Domestic  International 
Graduate Certificate $12,960 $18,344
Graduate Diploma $25,920 $36,688
Master $38,880 $55,032
Cost per course $3,240 $4,586

Student Services and Amenity Fee (SSAF) is also payable each semester. Student fees are indexed each year.
These fees are for 2016 only. All fees are in Australian dollars.

Are there scholarships available for this program?

At this time there are no scholarships for students to undertake this program.

Can I apply for HECS/FEE-HELP while studying this program?

The program is not Commonwealth Supported (and students can therefore not access HECS), however eligible students can access a similar loan scheme called FEE-HELP. FEE-HELP is available to Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa holders.

Do I have to attend classes on campus?

There are no formal contact hours or weekly requirements to attend campus. A post-graduate course would generally require a student to complete approximately 8-10 hours study per week.

Can I study this program while working full-time?

Enrolment in this program is restricted to part-time with a maximum of two courses able to be taken per semester. Many students enrol in one course per semester to balance work, study, and family. 

What can I study?

All students complete a foundation core course at both Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma level. Students wishing to complete a Master program undertake a final year Thesis course.

Students studying the Community Relations field of specialisation also take courses in  Community Aspects of Resource Development, Community Development for the Resources Industry, Community Engagement for the Resources Industry, Regional and Local Economic Development for the Resources Sector, and Community Research Methods for the Resources Sector. 

Students studying the Environment field of specialisation also take courses in  Environmental Management in Mining, Vegetation and Habitat Rehabilitation, Managing Post-Mining Landscapes, Water Management in the Minerals Industry, Sol and Growth Media Management, and Sampling Design and Analysis in Conservation Science. 

Students studying the Health & Safety field of specialisation also take courses in  Sustainable Management of Risk in Industry, Minerals Industry Risk Management, Mine Occupational Health and Safety Management, Incident Investigation and Analysis, and Human Centre Design in the Resources Industry. 

Are there any intensives for this program? What are the requirements?

The core course in the Graduate Certificate program, MINE7053 Sustainable Management in a Minerals Industry Context, requires attendance for a one week intensive workshop at the St Lucia, Brisbane campus. For 2016, the course was held in April (Week 7). ATTENDANCE AT THE INTENSIVE IS A COMPULSORY PART OF THIS COURSE. Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the student and a $200 catering fee is payable before the workshop.

I previously completed a program with SMI, can I get credit for the courses I did?

Credit validity periods apply for approval of credit for past studies. For a Graduate Certificate program, credit is valid for 3 years from the first semester that study commenced. For a Graduate Diploma program, credit is valid for 5 years from the first semester that study commenced. For a Master program, credit is valid for 7 years from the first semester that study commenced. Course content may also have changed and credit cannot be applied in these circumstances. For advice on credit validity and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), please contact