Mine Site Environmental Management Professional Development

Professional development for environmental personnel working on mine sites, environmental consultants, government regulators, policy makers, and other scientists and water resources engineers working with the mining industry.

Courses are targeted at professionals with less than 10 years' experience.


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Mine Water Management Program

Our Mine Water Management Program is designed to provide professionals with the technical skills necessary to implement best practice water management on mine sites.

The program comprises 3 short courses that can be completed over 2 or 3 semesters. It is strongly recommended that you study the courses in sequence to gain maximum benefit from course content, although Courses 1 and 3 can be completed concurrently if desired.

The format of the content is diverse and will engage students through live webinars, recorded videos, activities, case studies, and readings. Each module includes practical assessment tasks based on mine site data.

Program content was developed with full consideration of the water stewardship requirements of the Towards Sustainable Mining framework (TSM), under adoption by the Minerals Council of Australia. Environmental personnel who complete the Water Courses will be able to support operations to achieve TSM good practice levels and beyond.

Mine Water Management Program | Short Courses

Mine Water Fundamentals

Offered semester 1 each year

Learn the fundamentals of managing water on mine sites.

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Mine Water Systems

Offered semester 2 each year

Gain the necessary skills to implement best-practice mine water management.

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Soil, Erosion and Sediment Control, Tailings and Residue

Offered semester 1 each year

Learn the skills needed to implement best practice management of soils, tailings and residue for mine site rehabilitation and closure.

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Acid and Metalliferous Drainage

Acid and Metalliferous Drainage, or AMD, has undoubtedly been the most critical environmental issue facing the mining industry. AMD has the potential to impact the entire life cycle of a mining project, from feasibility to closure, and it is relevant to a wide range of commodities and rock types. This includes base metals, precious metals, and coal mines located in various climatic zones and regulatory jurisdictions.

AMD | Short Courses

Introduction to Acid and Metalliferous Drainage

Gain an understanding of the principles of AMD from characterisation and classification through to management and treatment

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