Carolina is a PhD student at CSRM, where she works in partnership with CWiMI. Her PhD project aims to develop a decision-making framework to guide post-closure transition and build water and energy resilience in remote and climate-fragile communities. The framework will be based on two current closure-related projects in the north of Chile. The implications of Carolina’s research can contribute to guide closure and inform better industry practices at mines around the world. Her research is being undertaken under the supervision of Dr Vigya Sharma, Dr Carlos Miraldo and Dr Liliana Pagliero.

Carolina has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Chile, with a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy and Management from the University of Queensland. She has over 7 years of experience in the fields of energy, sustainability, and community engagement, where she has worked with companies, government institutions, academia and NGOs in Latin America and Australia.


Snow, Stephen., Clerc, Carolina and Horrocks, Neil (2021). Energy audits and eco-feedback: Exploring the barriers and facilitators of agricultural energy efficiency improvements on Australian farms. Energy Research & Social Science, 80. doi: 10.1016/j.erss.2021.102225