The University of Queensland continues to lead the way in mining research, with the appointment of an inaugural Professor of Mining Geoscience.

Professor Andre van As, who has worked on geoscience issues relating to mass underground mining (caving) operations and projects for the past 30 years, has been appointed to the new position.  The role is co-funded by The Bryan Foundation and UQ for an area of growing importance in mining education and research, with the objective to develop a Deep Mining Geology research group within the BRC.  The aim is to bring together the mass underground mining capabilities that currently exist within the Centre and beyond, in addition to developing a professional training program to pass on the complex and unique skillsets required in mass underground mining, to current and future geologists.

As the global demand for minerals continues to increase, many mining companies are going deeper underground to explore for mineral deposits.  Conditions deep underground present new challenges and Andre will focus on developing solutions for companies operating in this environment.

Andre sits on several cave mining geotechnical review boards and was a recipient of a CSIRO medal in 2001. Andre commenced with SMI in November 2021.