Dr Mst Farhana Diba graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Bangladesh and completed a Master in Maritime Affairs in Sweden.

Farhana is an early career researcher, awarded her PhD in 2021 from the Swinburne University of Technology’s School of Engineering, focusing on the development of a CFD model for solid fuel combustion in fluidised bed for analysing the combustion characteristics and gaseous emission. She studied different biomass combustion and their emission, coal gasification and co-combustion characteristics of sewage sludge in fluidised bed using the model she developed. Farhana is very familiar with the thermal conversion of solid particles, porous media, solid-fluid flow and is competent in their numerical modelling and optimisation of reactor design.

Farhana has worked for six months as an APRIntern at the industry Sutton Tools, Australia where she investigated coolant flow phenomena and heat transfer at the cutting edge of various drill models for model optimisation using CFD technique.

Currently, Farhana is working as a researcher at Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) on experimental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of mineral processing equipment.