Dr Kam Bhowany completed her BSc in Mineral Geoscience, with 1st class Honours in Geology, in Adelaide before obtaining a PhD in Metamorphic Geology in 2020.

Kam was part of the Continental Evolution Research Group (CERG), with a focus on deep-crustal fluid-driven processes.  She applied a multidisciplinary approach (including structural geology, isotopic geochemistry, and geochemical modelling) to unravel fluid/rock interaction at depth. 

Professionally, Kam worked as a part-time lecturer at the University of Adelaide College and the University of Adelaide, specialising in teaching international and first year students (2019-2021).  During this time, she undertook some work as a researcher in isotope geochemistry in the Bruce Laboratory facility.  Throughout her career, Kam also spent some time in the industry as a core logging geologist in an underground gold mine in the Northern Territory (2019) and a graduate geologist in an open pit iron-ore mine in South Australia (2021). 

Currently, Kam is a Research Fellow at the WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre, with the Mine Waste Transformation Through Characterisation (MIWATCH) group.  She is working on a three-year project looking at the secondary prospectivity of critical minerals in mine waste across Australia.